Expansion of global accessibility to advanced, minimally invasive surgical technology marks a major milestone

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 4, 2024 /PR Newswire/ — Levita Magnetics, whose mission is to expand patient access to advanced surgical care, today celebrates a key advancement in minimally invasive surgery with the deployment of its MARS surgical system at a North Texas-based hospital. This marks a significant milestone as the first implementation of the MARS system in a private institution, representing a critical development in the global expansion of the technology. This expansion follows Levita’s recent international introduction in Chile and its first commercial application in the U.S. at Cleveland Clinic in late 2023.

Dr. Chad Carlton, a recognized physician in minimally invasive bariatric surgery, performed the first procedures using the MARS platform in Dallas, successfully completing both a gastric bypass and a sleeve gastrectomy surgery on the first day.

“The introduction of the MARS system in Dallas represents a meaningful and impactful advancement in our surgical capabilities,” said Dr. Chad Carlton. “The MARS technology brings enhanced control, improved visualization of the surgical field, and an ergonomic interface, enriching both the surgeon’s experience and patient care.”

The MARS system, an FDA-approved surgical platform, innovatively combines magnetic technology and machinery to minimize incisions, enhance visualization, and streamline laparoscopic surgery. The system is approved for use in several types of high-volume abdominal surgeries, including bariatric, cholecystectomy, prostate, and colorectal procedures, and is designed to benefit patients with reduced pain, faster recovery, and better cosmetic results.

MARS builds on the clinical benefits of the Levita Magnetic Surgical System®, incorporating proprietary Dynamic Magnetic Positioning technology with dual surgeon-controlled arms. This combination improves visualization and control while reducing the need for additional surgical assistants. Its console-free, compact design is poised to enhance efficiency, personnel deployment, and patient experience in hospitals and surgical centers.

The first patient to undergo the surgery shared his thoughts on the procedure: “I feel fortunate to be the first patient in Texas to have Magnetic Surgery with MARS. I could not believe how quickly I was able to walk and move about without pain. Once the light pressure subsided, it was smooth sailing, and I left the hospital the next day. Anyone considering bariatric surgery should look into this option.”

Levita stands alone as the holder of an FDA-cleared medical device that utilizes magnetism to reduce incisions and makes surgery less invasive, delivering a triple impact that benefits patients, surgeons, and hospitals alike. For more information on Levita Magnetics and MARS please visit levita.com.

About Levita
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Levita Magnetics® was founded by innovator and surgeon Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro. Its technology is designed to advance minimally invasive surgery. Levita developed the Levita Magnetic Surgical System and MARS, proprietary technologies designed to minimize the footprint of surgery and improve patient outcomes. For more information visit levita.com.